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THE ICO LISTING is an information and insight resource for investors in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We provide independent ICO ratings and reviews from experts in blockchain, cryptocurrency, finance, and investing.

Who we are?

The ICO listing helps in shaping a clearer picture to the investors that shows the insights of the different categorized ICO. It is a platform for the crypto and blockchain enthusiast that would help in portraying the image of an ICO. We provide an independent ICO rating and reviews from experts in blockchain, cryptocurrency, finance and investing.

Our Review Methodology

Rating is given in the mix of our appraisal calculation that utilizes distinct criteria on which each ICO can acquire many focuses and every project listed is reviewed individually, using publicly available material. Also, the rating that independent experts give to the ICO that follows our rating methodology suggestions.

The rating is not given on permanent basis. Our team is checking the ICOs on a regular routine and consistently new specialists are joining and rating the ICOs. The main factor we focus on is our audits, including responsiveness to our request about the activities we inspect. We do assess promoting endeavors, and additionally social media and engagement groups.

Thus we cater writers, ICO enthusiasts, and analysts or anybody spectating this dynamic system as a session of  fantasy virtual game. We’re additionally inspired by your inputs and feedbacks, particularly in the event that you feel anything we distribute puts on a show of being questionable or deluding.