Token sale completed on 01 December
Goal: 20,000,000 USD
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2key’s innovative technology revolutionizes regular HTTP links by seamlessly infusing them with smart contracts. Creating scalable, decentralized, off-chain access to blockchain functionality from any browser. Our novel multi-step tracking protocol empowers links to independently track and record each participant sharing them, charting a topological graph. Each participant relaying links is automatically rewarded when a pre-defined result has been achieved from a link they’ve shared. The 2key protocol creates ad-hoc multi-party state networks through front-end code alone. Continually verifying and updating contract changes in real-time.

Guy Zyskind
Stas Oskin
Sebastian Stupurac
Idan Lakritz
Nimrod Lahav
eiTan LaVi
Udi Ben-Reuven
Yoram Kornatzky
Roman Shevchenko
Front End Developer
Netta Richter
Director of Content
Nadav Mizrahi
Graphic Designer
Daniel Peis
Dmytro Kurtash
Frond End Developer
Mark Shvartsman
UX/UI Director
Token Sale: 01 November — 01 December
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