Token sale completed on 26 October
Goal: 5,000,000 USD
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AQWIRE, a project of Qwikwire, is a cross-border real estate marketplace powered by Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology. AQWIRE is developing an API that will connect traditional payment gateways to the blockchain to validate transactions across borders. It is also building several Smart Contract applications that will help facilitate the processing of paperwork and client broker engagement anywhere in the world.

Ray Edison Refundo
CEO and Founder
Paolo Samontanez
Chief Technology Officer
Scott Yu
Chief Blockchain Specialist
Inno Maog
Chief Marketing Officer
Joey Budka
Head of Enterprise Sales/Real Estate
Ales Budka
Enterprise Sales/Real Estate
Paul James Sabandal
Senior Web Designer
Jesse Manalansan
Product Development/Database Admin
Lawrence Dovin
Junior Developer
Rizzalyn Dela Cruz
Project Manager
Nikolas Escobal
Sales Director
Token Sale: 08 October — 26 October
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$0.2955002 0.0006800 ETH 0.0000476 BTC
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