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Since the birth of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has opened up innumerable ways for enterprises to enhance their existing business process with an in-built layer of trust.

However, the implementation of technology in core enterprises process and mass stream adoption is still limited due to the challenges ofscalability, privacy, interoperability and flexibility, while designing systems.

This paper outlines a proposalto build a new generation Blockchain infrastructure, aiming to solve the above outlined challenges.Microservices oriented protocols power Auxledger; as a flexible infrastructure allowing enterprises todeploy distributed networks easily and securely, while ensuring their business requirements are aligned with their network’s core protocol.

Auxledger provides methodologies to deploy multi-tier blockchain networks and ensures cross-chain transactions and communication is possible in a trustless manner with complete data integrity. Auxnet, the genesis implementation of Auxledger is a highly scalable,first of its kind enterprise blockchain network introducing high functioning virtual machine and self-regulating economic incentivization.

Akash Gaurav
Chief Executive Officer
Anjali Kashyap
VP - Innovation
Kumar Gaurav
Chairman & Founder
Shabahat M. Ayubi
Blockbhain Architech
Sudhir Chaudhary
SVP - Technology
Sunny Kumar
VP - Operations
Wolfgang Strasser
Chief Strategy Officer
Nausherwan Shah
Chief Product Officer
Parishilan Rayamajhi
Blockchain Engineer
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