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First decentralized innovative solution, where the real sector of economy and crypto world have been merged. Starting with the beverage market, we are striving to create an ecosystem that will become a standard for the integration of the real economy sector and the crypto-currency world.

The main problem of the cryptocurrencies is their integration into the real sector of the economy. The revolution has already happened and cryptocurrency economy has increasingly become embedded in everyday life, but the problem remains: the volume of digital currencies accumulated in the market amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars now, but there is barely a possibility to use them as a payment instrument for goods and services.

Viacheslav Grekov
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Eugene Kipper
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Evgueniy Toumbov
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Ivan Nikolaiev
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Mikhail Komarov
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Giovanni Casagrande
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Giacomo Arcaro
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Manuel Arlotti
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Krutesh Shah
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Kamal Mustafa
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Yuichiro Okazoe
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Token Sale: 30 September — 31 December
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