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The digital asset space has seen explosive growth over the past year, with average daily exchange-trading volume across all crypto assets surpassing 18 billion USD equivalent and total estimated market cap for blockchain instruments exceeding 325 billion USD equivalent as of April 2018. Over 200 crypto-focused hedge funds have been formed as 1 of February 2018, while traditional trading houses continue to express interest in increasing their exposure to blockchain assets. But crypto investors continue to lack a 2 number of crucial tools that will be necessary for the space to achieve its potential. Key among these are professional-grade trade execution, compliance, position and risk management, and reporting functionality.

The large number of digital asset exchanges helps drive the growth of the market while simultaneously exacerbating its challenges. Currently, crypto investors are forced to choose among many exchanges when executing various trades. Often, portfolios develop positions on multiple trading platforms with varying user interfaces and functionality. Executing orders across these various exchanges is often difficult. Position and risk management are likewise made more challenging by the diversity of platforms that must often be used to trade for a single portfolio. Because it is difficult to harmonize the outputs of different platforms, meeting reporting and compliance requirements can present significant obstacles for crypto investors as well.

Caspian is a joint venture between Tora Trading Services Limited (and its affiliates, “Tora”), a global leading cloud-based front-to-back technology provider to buy side institutions; and Kenetic Trading Systems Limited (together with its affiliates, “Kenetic”), a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firm. It provides institutional and experienced investors with a full-stack crypto trading and risk management platform. It equips digital assets investors with a comprehensive Order and Execution Management System (OEMS), Position Management System (PMS), and Risk Management System (RMS), backed by experienced support team. The platform, which has the potential to drive further participation in crypto-trading, provides sophisticated connectivity and interoperability across various digital asset exchanges. On the back end, it offers unified compliance and reporting functionality that enables users to analyze all of their trades in one place, regardless of which exchange they take place on

Robert Dykes
CEO & Co-founder
David Wills
COO & Co- Founder
Gerrit Van Wingerdern
CTO & Co-Founder
Paul Catuna
Jehan Chu
Chief Strategy Officer
Token Sale: 17 October — 19 October
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