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Token sale is active until 31 December
Goal: 250000 USD
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CoinFast is innovative tech company, aiming to provide secure and convenient software solutions for ICOs. Our Main mastership is ICO solutions. With the experience, know how and strategic abilities combined with Entreprenuer aproach aims to be a preminent player in ICO market by meeting all needs of industry with uniquely designed products for his clients. The professionalism and efficiency which distinguish the efficent, result oriented way of working, combined with the initiative and dynamism of a very bright and dynamic team, make up the heart of the Project and company. Over the last few years, our team has investigated, analysed, specialized in the field of blockchain technology, becoming familiar with this new world composed of smart contracts,distributed ledger cryptocurrencies and ICO. The team behind our product consists of leading, talented software developers with experience the best technologies stack. Together with our dedicated, professional marketing experts, computer engineers, graphic designers, web masters, IT managers, Blockchain experts we strive to deliver the best possible experience support and security. The strength of our Project is to provide support to those who have understood that they now have to change their way of interfacing with the market with affordable costs, and have the will to be part of this economic and technological transformation. Our company made partnership with Turkey’s an emminent IT company called Interaktif Group which specialized knowledge of Crm Software, Network and Design by acting as full agency to Worlds brands. We know very clearly how important marketing is for successful ICO projects. Because of this reason, We made a Business Partnership with TokenSuite focused Digital Marketing for ICO projects. We will create the CoinFast ICO Platform, to provide specific services to startups or established companies, which want to create their own ICO (Initial Coin Offering) simply, safely and professionally to provide full agency service with 360 degree aproach.

Onur Kahraman
CEO Of CoinFast
Okan Tubek
Co-Founder & CTO
Ahmet Dogdu
Business Development Executive
Kerem Arafa
EPR Business Analyst
Cagri Bikmaz
Creative Director
Elif Veyses
Data Scientist
Buket Gunes
UI/UX Designer
Azgur Can Aydin
Lead Software Developer
Ali Omer Horzum
Founder & Ceo at TokenSuite
Token Sale: 01 December — 31 December
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