CryptoFlix is a Blockchain film streaming platform to give everyone, everywhere legal access to movies and to educate humanity across borders. CryptoFlix is the first media company on the Blockchain to exploit this huge void in the paid content market, which is only achievable by circumventing the normal payment options and using digital currency. We are also the first Media company – both on the Blockchain and outside – to dare to offer free online content with educational purposes via films and TV to everyone, regardless of their location, origin, or socio-economic status
Token sale completed on 15 June
Goal: 2,000 ETH
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Our mission is to launch the CryptoFlix Ecosystem with CryptoFlix – a closed network film and TV streaming platform as the central element. We will in part offer paid content in the form of feature films and TV and commercial-free films and TV for educational purposes to private individuals across the planet, without borders. Paid content is available through payments in our own FLIX Tokens as well as common cryptocurrencies and which will be launched firstly in underdeveloped, high population, underbanked countries. Furthermore, we will launch a Film Market, where FLIX Token holders can invest in film projects with the returns and conditions offered in a term sheet and which have a risk score as well as comments from our expert analysts.

Edward Arentz
Film Distributor
Mike Boutwell
Founder at
Jonathan Brathwaite
Legal Advisor
Manmeet Singh
Strategic Advisor, Asia
Jonathon Dunford
Smart Contract Analyst
Peter Rommel
Francisco Javier Pérez Rodríguez
Educational Content Ambassador
Christian Falkenberg Husum
CEO and Producer
Token Sale: 15 May — 15 June
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