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Token sale completed on 10 November
Goal: 4,500,000 USD
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The Daox Protocol is the new standard for all kinds of token salesthat allows investors and startups deploy and interact via independent decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), enabling safety, efficiency, and decentralized decision making.

It is saving investor’s money in case the startup fails at early-stage (9 out of 10), making ICOs transparent, and strengthening the value of tokens on exchanges. And here is how:

How it Works?

  • ICOs and crowdfunding campaigns are easily launched using the Daox Protocol.
  • Each campaign then forms an Ethereum-based decentralized autonomous organization featuring its own ERC20 token.
  • Each DAO holds the raised funds and is managed by the transparent voting of its token holders.

One of the main principles is that all the collected funds are stored in a DAO instead of being at the disposal of a single individual. The funds are released based on withdrawal proposals submitted by the startup team. If investors (DAO token holders) of the startup are satisfied with the way the project unfolds, they approve such requests. (See other key features on Daox website).

Why Invest in Daox Based Startups? 

  • Token’s value is supported by the raised funds
  • Token holders can get a refund
  • Anti-scam ICO structure
  • Project progress must be transparent
  • Startup team is highly motivated
  • Smart contracts are checked by the community

What token sales problems are solved by Daox? 

For investors: scams, low motivated founders, low value of tokens, misuse of funds, frequent failures, lack of transparency, high investments risks.

For startups: highly competitive environment, complexity of technology, hacker attacks, inefficient marketing, excessive time input, etc.

Do you have an MVP?

We have a live product, and startups are using the Protocol already.

DXC — The Token for ICOs 2.0. Why is this token different? 

  • It’s an ICO 2.0 token so its value is backed by the raised funds which remain at the discretion of the token holders.
  • DXC token holders can vote for the refund if they are unsatisfied with the results of Daox.
  • It’s the first token with a fully transparent distribution and discounts. You won’t be at a disadvantage because someone secretly got a “whale bonus”.
  • DXC is a functional part of the community-driven protocol which is decentralized, therefore it will live independently of Daox.
  • And it indeed has a strong economy (not “the payment for platform services”)!
Keith Teare
George Kimionis
Dr. Walter Tonetto
Kirill Kazakov
Jordan Pool
Media Director
Anton Vityazev
Tech Lead
Kirill Bulgakov
Smart Contracts Developer
Oleg Adamov
Mobile Developer
Kevin Kimick
Marketing Strategist
Natalie Dudkina
Key Partnership Manager
Elena Novozhilova
Key Partnership Manager
Artyom Molchanov
Data Scientist / AI Researcher
Token Sale: 05 September — 10 November
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