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Token sale completed on 01 January
Goal: 20,000 ETH
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As blockchain technology develops, a growing number of industries are adding blockchain technology to what they do, creating more digital assets; as well as more digital asset exchanges on the scene. It seems that as an important portal for influx of users, digital assets have become the basic infrastructure in the blockchain sphere.

DeepToken’s mission is to discover quality AI projects.
We believe that the core of an exchange is to discover quality digital asset and, in terms bring return on users’ investments. DeepToken propose the innovative ‘’Voting Mining’’ mechanism, AI experts and practitioners will screen projects to find outstanding digital assets from the AI industry.

DeepToken has received strategic investment from DeepBrain Chain Foundation, its core members are also the founders of DeepBrain Chain Foundation, DeepToken Exchange is an important step in DeepBrain Chain’s strategy planning. DeepToken’s team has in-depth understanding of the AI industry, they are experts and specialists from the AI and blockchain industries.

DeepBrain Chain is an AI computing platform powered by blockchain, it is a basic infrastructure of the AI industry. DeepBrain Chain Foundation has been planning to deploy projects that serve the entire life-cycle of AI projects, at the moment it has invested in two AI+blockchain projects: OneGame and EtainPower.

He Yong
Dongyan Wang
Chief AI Officer, Executive VP of DeepBrain Chain Silicon Valley AI + Blockchain Research Center
Hongquan Jiang
Chief Al Investment Consultant
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