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DONOCLE is a global lottery project using more than 50 types of Coins and Tokens as goods.
Token sale is active until 01 January
Goal: 10,000,000
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DONOCLE is a global LOTTO project with more than 50 types of coins and tokens that are utilized on blockchain-based lottery-draw method and prize,which are impartial and transparently revealed to maximize the fairness.We have adopted ODF(Open Data Flow) that enables users to monitor the transfer and flow of goods(money).

At present, the traditional lottery market is the mainstream but the market is increasingly growing in size, with the growth rate of 3.13% as of 2017 expected to reach approximately 20% as of year 2022.

Jaden Park
CEO, Co-Founder
David HAN
Seunggoo Cho
CTO, Chief Technology Officer
Kyungsook Ahn
Developer, Co-Founder
Cheoljoon Park
Lead SW Engineer
Jinseo Park
Senior SW Engineer
Namgon Kim
SW Engineer
Kwangseon Yun
SW Engineer
Jinwook Lim
SW Engineer
Byeongseong Noh
Design Department Manager
Yonghan Kim
Design Department
Token Sale: 01 October — 01 January
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