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Token sale completed on 19 October
Goal: 500,000 USD
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“FRSplatform” is a closed-cycle ecosystem created on the basis of blockchain technologies for unlimited tokenization of business-assets of small and midsize businesses. The “FRSplatform” is based on the blockchain of the third generation DPoS, and uses its peculiar developments – designed and coded from scratch in order to improve the index of network speed and scaling. Due to its architecture, the technological solution of FRSplatform allows to easily integrate with the blockchain functions of any mobile or web application through a simple API “FRSplatform”. The unique designer of smart contracts “FRSplatform” minimizes the human factor impact on the systematization and regulation of the ICO procedures.

“FRSplatform” offers a unified web-site with personal cabinets and all systematized summary information on connected and upcoming services and projects, as well as on current ICO procedures.

Entrepreneurs and startup creators are definitely in need for easy-to-understand tools to carry out the ICO procedure – Crowdinvesting, Crowdfunding – allowing to easily integrate with the platform. The ICO creators try to cope with this problem, but our designer of business pages landing completely solves this problem and allows you to flexibly install your personal business-landing for carrying out ICO, and quickly, in few clicks, integrate it into the FRSplatform web-site.

Thereby, to the authors of ideas and project creators we offer an opportunity to significantly lower the financial edge of entering the market; to simplify the process of introduction the startups to the market, as well as to ensure a full transparency of financial transactions; provide open voting system and projects rating; allow business angels and investors to minimize risks associated with the investment of their funds into the ICO – Crowdinvesting- Crowdfunding projects.

The FRSplatform society fully supports the idea of economical incentives as main tools that attract participants, consequently allowing each of them to receive a timely and fair reward pro rata to their own investment.

Media website “FRSplatform” gives to business participants an opportunity to create media – content in the form of their business presentations, expert assessments and analytical forecasts; to conduct discussions using comments and voting.

Roman Frolov
Founder and CEO
Alexander Krainov
CO Founder
Ivan Dobshyn
Technical Director
Vyacheslav Chervinskiy
IOS and Android mobile app developer
Vitaliy Hamolia
Front-end developer
Andrey Ovcharenko
Smart contract & blockchain solutions
Token Sale: 01 September — 19 October
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