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Entertainment, software, Virtual Reality
Token sale completed on 25 November
Goal: 4,000 ETH
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Get Achieve is a series of interactive quests in the post-apocalyptic world. Here, the player turns into a participant in the struggle for power and territory, a struggle that will build entire groups and small communities and enable you to promote your ideology, to recreate the world or to finally destroy it. In our game, you can choose not only the roles of the Creator and Destroyer, but you can uphold neutrality or impose both on your community and a whole game world.

On their mobile devices, the Creator players can see the current arts and cultural facilities destroyed and can reconstruct them piece by piece by serving as leaders or allies. But on the way to creating a perfect “new world,” the Creators will face some mysteries and puzzles and a Fanatics Faction. The Fanatics Faction consists of people who deliberately destroy the environment and act under the dictator’s power. They cannot take the plunge into the new world and continue the war in their territories, trying to capture new areas and sow chaos in the name of their fallen ruler.

Alexandra Berest
Co Founder, Chief Game Designer
Khrystyna Pastukhova
Co Founder, Chief Marketing Officer
Nicolas Gregor
Co Founder, Senior Software Engineer, Blockchain Core Developer
Pavel Nejedlý
Alexey Radzuk
Senior Software Engineer
Ondřej Studeník
Software Developer
Alexander Teroshyn
Unity Developer
Lubomír Kosař
Marketing Analyst
Alexander Tkachuk
Graphical Designer
Alex Mazur
SMM, Bounty Manager
Token Sale: 30 September — 25 November
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