GYM Ledger

Artificial Intelligence, Business Service, Communication, Platform
Token sale is active until 31 December
Goal: 3,000,000 EUR
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What’s better than a fitness band? A fitness band capable of securely store your cryptocurrency! The GYM Ledger initial coin offering is funding the GYM Ledger fitness bracelet. The GYM Ledger will be capable of working with the GYM Reward’s App for minting many different tokens with its heart rate monitor and POE (proof of exercise) capabilities while also serving as a multicurrency hardware wallet.

Innovative mobile app that allows you to mine GYM cryptocurrencies with your body. Get Ready to exercise! The GYM Rewards app requires you to exercise to earn your cryptocurrency. The GYM Ledger uses it’s heart rate monitor and calories tracking for mining GYM Rewards and a varieaty of supported Tokens.

Carmelo Millan
CEO & Lead Blockchain
Manuel Leal
Development lead & Blockchain App Developer
Armando Santana
Business Development Manager
Ron B Palmer
Board Advisor
Token Sale: 16 October — 31 December
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ICO Token Price
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GYM Ledger token price
$434.5591393 1.0000000 ETH 0.0699549 BTC
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