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Token sale completed on 01 December
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The Hiway platform is a blockchain tailored marketplace for work. It builds on a few of the most innovative and progressive technologies emerging from the Fourth Industrial Revolution: big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Hiway serves both the employee and the employer, empowering those looking for a job or wanting a job done in equal measure.

The world is currently filled with employment agencies and online marketplaces connecting candidates to employers, mostly operating with a local and somewhat dated approach. But, the sector is ready for a new way of working. Hiway is here to create a platform built to facilitate connections, that is accessible to anyone who has skills to share or a job to offer. No borders, no boundaries.

Simon Rikmenspoel
Founder & Head of Product
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Rob Barneveld
Founder & Head of Operations
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Thale Sonnemans
Founder & Creative Director
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Laura van Hal
Community Support
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Jowe Fan
Head of Data Development
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Erno Ledder
Junior Developer Artificial Intelligence
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Casper van Well
Head of Marketing
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Token Sale: 01 December — 01 December
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