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Kryptoin ETF Systems started in Toronto, Canada late in 2016 with one person anticipating that the masses would flock to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and the companies that enabled ease of access would flourish in the environment. Part of this early trend recognition was identifying the habits of investors and their preference for utilizing ETFs.

We predicted ETFs would be needed by investors that wanted exposure to the sector and to simplify their investment strategies. Cryptocurrency investing can be highly technical and confusing to many as they may not posses the in-depth knowledge of individual crypto assets.

Kryptoin strives to push the evolution of the ETF by incorporating decentralized systems and Artificial Intelligence to create the best ETFs of the new economy.

Dong-Heon Kim
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John Tracey
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Surendra Kumar
Chief System Engineer
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Vineet Tyagi
Chief Blockchain Engineer
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Jim Hong
Cryptocurrency Analyst and Advisor
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Anthony Licausi
Investor, Investment Banker & Business Developer
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Jason Toussaint
Managing Director at Emergent Technology
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Token Sale: 01 September — 01 March
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