Artificial Intelligence, Business Service, Infrastructure, Internet, Platform, Smart Contract
Token sale completed on 11 December
Goal: 3,000,000 USD
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I appreciate you taking the time to research LINKCHAIN. I’m Conston Taylor, LINKCHAIN’s founder and CEO. I did not set out to launch an ICO. In fact, it was the furthest thing from my mind. My main focus was working with my key clients as an advisor to ensure that their ICO launch was successful. As a purchaser in ICOs, my focus was to ensure that I identified the highest quality ICOs to invest in as well.

Conston Taylor
Founder & CEO
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Jack J. Bensimon
Co-Founder & Chief Compliance Officer
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Nancy Boisvert
Co-Founder & COO
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John Doyle
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Nick A. Arora
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Cy Agley
Venture Capital & Private Equity Advisor
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Don Chang
Blockchain Advisor
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Mauricio Ferreyra
Blockchain Advisor & Interim CTO
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Mohammad Manan
Quality Assurance Engineer
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Naveed Iqbal
Blockchain Developer
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Atif Iqbal Senior
Web Developer
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Syed Jalil Haider ZAIDI
Software Engineer
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Anita Erker
Marketing Manager
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Zarish Amjad
Acting CIO
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Token Sale: 11 November — 11 December
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$434.5591393 1.0000000 ETH 0.0699549 BTC
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