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Banking, Platform, Smart Contract
Token sale completed on 24 November
Goal: 1,500,000 USD
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The NEL ecosystem will be accessible through the NEL platform and via the dedicated mobile application NEL Wallet. NEL Wallet will be the only cryptocurrency wallet allowing lenders to earn money by financing microfinance institutions.

Any individual willing to take part in the NEL ecosystem will easily be able to lend risk-free and with a motivating interest rate. The loans will be made in a stable cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar to protect both lenders and borrowers against market volatility characterizing common cryptocurrencies.

NEL platform will be a user-friendly and didactic platform available to all the users. It will allow the exchange of information between all the ecosystem participants. The microfinance institutions will be able to offer smart contracts, communicate about their organisation and their projects.

Users will have the opportunity to know about the microfinance institutions’ results in real time.A full range of dynamic economic data will be available and usable for monitoring. Users will have access to information pertaining to the pool, the rates applied and the participating microfinance institutions.

Anyone willing to answer any financing request through offering a loan will be able to do so through the smart contracts directly on the NEL wallet, that is well integrated with the NEL platform.

Evan Davis
CEO - Co-Founder
Renato ITO
Co-Founder & CTO
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Andrew BUSBY
Head of Communication
Software Developer Lead
Lucas Hodges
Community Manager
Token Sale: 15 September — 24 November
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$434.5591393 1.0000000 ETH 0.0699549 BTC
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