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The Ojooo platform is a unique place the advertisers and the advertising addressees from all over the World meet, all interested in various goods or services.
Token sale completed on 25 October
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The common basis for all Ojooo services is an innovative form of advertisement – the Earn per View Online and Mobile Advertising (EPV) from Ojooo. Ojooo offers companies advertising space and user data through the Ojooo app, as well as the Ojooo portal, based on blockchain technology. It can be advertised both with the help of text advertising, as well as all common graphic advertising formats. The app collects very high-quality user data. Advertisers may gain access to this information upon user consent. This data enables advertising that is optimally adapted to the context and perfectly personalized and thus can have the maximum effect.

Users can choose between an ad-free app and the display of ads. With Ojooo, potential customers can discover products faster. The peculiarity here represents the remuneration of the users for the consent of the insertion of advertisement – Earn per View and the sharing of their user data. This means that users will be rewarded with OJX tokens for displaying ads on the Ojooo portal or in the Ojooo app, as well as for sharing their own data.

Ojooo treats the data collected strictly according to the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR. Personal information is carefully separated from other data at Ojooo to avoid uniquely identifying the user.

Darius Krakowski
Michael Thees
James D'Loughy
Sabine Todter
General Counsel
Token Sale: 14 September — 25 October
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