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Goal: 1,000 ETH
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Pantercon is committed to supporting start-ups with innovative, future-oriented ideas as they are founded. The presentation of their idea, from which they intend to originate the start-up, is done by means of a white paper. Insofar as their idea is accepted, they present a promising cash flow forecast and Pantercon is testimony to a promising future perspective, they receive the necessary seed capital. Without company entry and bureaucratic hurdles. We consider it more sensible for founders to focus on the essential.

Manuel Sparer
Gründer / Head Architect / CEO
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Markus Gahn
Mitgründer / CTO
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Michaela Rupprechter
Mitgründerin / CCO
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Johannes Krause
Mitgründer / CIO
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Peter Jammernegg
Mitgründer / Crazy Connecter+ / CNO
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Hannes Jenewein
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Petr Myachin
Expert at You and Me Capital
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Naviin Kapoor
Founder at Time of Crypto
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Kamal Mustafa
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Token Sale: 01 November — 31 December
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