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Token sale is active until 25 December
Goal: 5,000,000 USD
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RSC provides a configurable smart contract that can cater for various businesses give the freedom in creating connections and partnerships with companies overseas. RPGP is an interface for payment providers and payment gateways to conduct the transaction through REMIIT’s remittance platform. To prevent rapid value fluctuation and ensure smooth overseas remittance REMI is the token traded in exchanges and performs a utility role that converts to REMD. REMD is the token which is used in the overseas blockchain remittance system. REMD Decentralized Exchange: In our overseas remittance system, there exist imbalance of the REMD ow in the amount Linkers hold. Thus, the internal exchange that the Linkers could voluntarily trade their overs and shorts by using other cryptocurrencies has been designed. By using this mechanism, the liquidity problem can be solved autonomously.

Luke Sestito
Ryan Moon
Jaewoong (Jay) Jung
Danny Kim
Global Remittance Manager
Taewon Kim
Israel Keys
Token Sale: 27 November — 25 December
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