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Reward Vision

Reward is a San Francisco and Lyon based blockchain-centered incentive platform that enables company-wide collaboration through peer-to-peer rewards. The Reward system encourages employee cooperation, improves company morale, and increases productivity.

REWARD is based on three principles:
Enabling Peers Encourages Engagement – Aligning employee appreciation and value-based recognition with peer-to-peer rewards eliminates the hierarchical structure to typical employee engagement programs thus aligning compensation with collaboration.

Collaboration is a Key Component in Tomorrow’s Enterprise – By analyzing individual, team, and organizational engagement and collaboration, companies can make data-driven decisions on promotions, intervene before churn occurs, and understand how teams are collaborating.

Collaboration and Engagement are Critical Valuation Metrics – Having a clear picture into how teams and individuals are rewarded by their peers is a built-in valuation system for the intangible asset of measuring employee skills and engagement.

By giving peers the ability to recognize specific teams and team members, company-values and goodwill are exchanged while the employer can measure the interactions between teams and individual peers, monitor potential employee churn, and see how increased teamwork impacts the bottom line.

Morgan Schleidt
Executive Leader
Christophe Charles
Technical Leader
Vincet Imbert
Sales & Strategy
William Bauer
Product & Communications
Alexandre Vallin
Product & Tech
Benjamin Berthelemy
React Native Developer
Riwan Lasmi
Lead Developer
Florian Le Goff
Investors Management
Maxime Trouche
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