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SelfSell platform was convinced from the theory of human capital investment. SelfSell enables people to understand their fantasies through individual IPO.
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nvestment in Youth

SelfSell Platform is born with reference to Theory of Human Capital Investment. Through low-cost individual fundraising on SelfSell Platform, such funds will be applied to people’s education, training, physical and mental health and other fields.

SelfSell will enable young people to enjoy more resources to usher in a more promising future in the starting phase of their lifetime. Every young person has his/her own ideal, and needs financial and social support to some extent. But young people, who suffer from poor economic conditions of families, are often forced by reality to temporarily give up their ideals, say goodbye to their studies prematurely or take on the disfavored jobs that can merely subsidize their families.

SelfSell helps young people achieve their own ideals through individual IPO.

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