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Token sale completed on 30 September
Goal: 5,000,000 USD
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We, as a team, are constantly trying to be ahead of the market. Pushing our boundries in order to achive what everyone else is only trying to. By putting trust into us, you form the future where we will stand all together tomorrow. You can get the first experience of the exchange platform here and see how the first version will look. Not only the exchange is comfortable for the institutional players, but it’s convenient and easy for any of the retail investors, as it comes with a mobile platform app and a web application. For the purposes of transparency and reliability, Ternion will undergo yearly audits to keep the public in the loop about future advancements. We know that decentralized digital finance is the future, but we also understand the unavoidable connection and value that traditional finance taught us, the knowledge which we are implementing into the cryptocurrency space today.

Rudolfs Medvedevs
Founder & CEO
Oliver Cheatham
Digital Marketing specialist
Merlock Fairwood
Brand Strategist
Eugene Petrov
Creative Content Writer
Artem Shabanov
Lead Web Designer
Viesturs Bremze
Senior Investor Relations CIS & Europe
Roberts Erdmanis
Investor Relations Western Europe
Anatolii Lytvynenko
Blockchain Development Lead
Gareth Rhodes
Ian Scarffe
Blockchain and Crypto Advisor
Arthur Iinuma
Token Sale: 29 June — 30 September
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