The Zeex Protocol

Zeex is the world’s first fintech company that allows everyday shopping with crypto in a simple, intuitive, and decentralized way.
Token sale completed on 14 August
Goal: $ 14,000,000
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Zeex is the world’s first fintech company that allows everyday shopping with crypto in a simple, intuitive, and decentralized way. So far, routine usage of crypto has been limited by its relative illiquidity, heavy usage friction, and the continued reliance on fiat currency. By linking crypto to the gift card economy, Zeex creates a large-scale liquidity network and thereby makes everyday purchases with crypto a matter of a few quick taps. Decentralized, encrypted, frictionless, and without any fees or fiat money involved.
The Zeex protocol operates on an open source Smart Contract that ensures transparency and security. The Zeex Protocol is the first to bring off-chain assets onto the blockchain and let the masses access and spend their crypto online and offline. This also opens a whole new market to the gift card providers – enhancing their business while benefiting consumers, thus creating a win/win situation for all the parties involved. The decentralization is enforced through an automatic and irreversible transactional flow that lets you skip the middleman, offering a safe, anonymous, and instant shopping experience. Our first goal will be fulfilled with the initial launch of Zeex: building an intuitive, user-friendly shopping platform for crypto holders on the rails of the gift card industry. But there is more to come. Our next goal is to integrate Zeex with leading cryptocurrency wallets. Furthermore, we will enable smaller merchants to enter the Zeex ecosystem autonomously by giving them further incentive to join the lucrative prepaid market, which means crypto holders will enjoy endless opportunities to use their crypto for purchases in their daily lives. Finally, it is our vision for the future to revolutionize the prepaid industry entirely by introducing blockchain technologies at the point of sale. The prepaid gift card industry, a $700B industry that’s expected to double in volume in the next 5 years, will be made far more secure and simple at a fraction of what contemporary security measures cost.

Guy Melamed
CEO & Founder
Ziv Yeshaayaou
CTO & Co-Founder
Apan Amos Damri
Yaniv Barak
Head of Business Development
Token Sale: 31 July — 14 August
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