Virtual Rehab

Artificial Intelligence, Health, Virtual Reality
Token sale completed on 14 December
Goal: 5,000,000 USD
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Virtual Rehab’s innovative and powerful solution (supported by existing research) is intended to psychologically rehabilitate those in most need for our service offering.

Although the scope of our existing solution includes pain management, psychological, and correctional rehabilitation, the Virtual Rehab team reserves the right to explore new industries to further expand our global operations.

Dr. Raji Wahidy
CEO & Founder
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Mrs. Amal Azzeh
Co-Founder & CFO
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Brad Martin
Engineering (Consultant)
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Jamie Benizri
Legal (Consultant)
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Jean Speville
Chief Mind Technologist
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Donald Cox
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Karen Hurst
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Dr. Bobbie Ticknor
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Dr. Larry Wray
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Philip Fasano
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Paul Mears
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Binod Nirvan
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Token Sale: 15 November — 14 December
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