About the event

Event is all about where leading blockchain experts, funds, investment professionals, exchanges and regulators discuss crypto assets and their impact on financial markets.

Why attend

We are producing a one-day conference in NYC on March 22, 2018 to bring together knowledgeable people and curious people to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with the new technology and its impact on investment management. With such meteoric growth in bitcoin and the variety of cryptoassets available, people in the finance industry are getting bombarded with information and misinformation. We decided to produce a conference dedicated to improving the spread of knowledge and expertise on the subject, encouraging active discussion and helping advance the positive impact of the continually disruptive technology.


1.Blockchain (as a trustworthy interconnected, distributed ledger system)
2. Regulating Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
3. Is a cryptocurrency really a currency? (meet the criteria for sovereign currency?)
4. Futures Trading of Bitcoin (exchanges, traders)
5. Raising capital using cryptocurrency (ICO’s)
6. Cryptocurrency Funds and ETFs
7. Cryptoassets – Valuation (approaches / models)
8. The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
9. Existential Risks (attack, regulations, capacity)
10.Data (Ownership, research, standardized metrics)

Our Speakers:-

– Michael Casey (CoinDesk Advisory Board, Author)
– Andrew Keys (ConsenSys co-founder)
– Paul Vigna (Wall Street Journal, Author)
– Christina Dolan (MIT Lab, iXledger)
– Michael Terpin (Transform Group, VC)
– Jack Tatar (Doyle Capital, Author)
– Jan van Eck (VanEck ETFs)
– Mike McGlone (Bloomberg)
– David Schulz (CBOE)


March 22, 2018, from 8am-7pm at the Intercontinental New York Times Square, 300 W 44th Street.